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Product Description As the upgraded version of USB PD3.0 protocol, the new USB PD3.1 protocol can support up to 48V, And the charging power can reach 240W. According to the documents from USB-IF, the USB PD3.1 can support extended power range (EPR) of 28V, 36V, 48V and three sets of adjustable voltage supply (AVS).

ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002

About this item This is the POWER-Z official product page. This tester will have 1.8 inches High-Quality LCD Display, support gravity rotation and buzzer, let you know everything you want to know. This tester can easily detect voltage/current and output capacity/energy, dynamically monitor the voltage and current while charging, and draw it into a curve. […]

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POWER-Z is a world-renowned fast-charging testing tool. We offer convenient testing solutions to engineers across various countries and regions, aiding them in swiftly deploying new products and technologies. Our tools also provide extensive support and inspiration to fuel their innovations.
  • Official Website: www.power-z.com
  • Amazon: https://amzn.to/3TJdsai
  • E-mail: fae@power-z.com



¥ 109.99
  • Power Detection
  • Protocol Detection
  • VBUS Ripple
  • Suitable for USB-C


¥ 49.99
  • Power Detection
  • Protocol Detection
  • VBUS Ripple
  • Suitable for USB-A


¥ 29.99
  • Power Detection
  • Protocol Detection
  • VBUS Ripple
  • Suitable for USB-C



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